Are you a young person with a disability?

Do you work with or are you the parent of a young person with disability?

This project is looking for young people with disabilities, age 15 -20, to answer questions about their experience of decision making and what helps them to make decisions.

The project is looking for young people with all kinds of disabilities and experiences. This includes experience of

  • physical disability (wheelchair user, limited mobility or people whose arms or legs don’t work in the same way as other people)
  • sensory disability including blind, low vision, deaf or hard of hearing
  • intellectual disability,
  • learning disability (dyslexia, dyscalculia etc.),
  • neurodiversity (Autism, DCD/Dyspraxia, ADD, ADHD),
  • psycho-social disability or experience of the mental health services.

What will people taking part have to do?

People taking part in this research will have to answer questions about a good experience of decision making or a time they felt listened to, a bad experience or a time they were not listened to or supported and what helps them make decisions.

Find out more on the Get Involved page or contact Clíona with any questions at or on 086-6032755 (call or text).

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